Our Services

We help agencies and businesses assess their mobile app needs and deliver complete solutions to fit. Our team is just as comfortable building web service backend components as the apps themselves, so you're never limited to the capabilities of a single device. Data-driven and cloud-based projects excite us, and integration with third-party services is one of our specialties.

We've created apps that closely integrate with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Stripe, and cloud platforms such as Heroku and Parse.com. We can also develop custom web applications utilizing Amazon Web Services and Rackspace cloud.

Our Ideal Client

Principal specializes in helping venture-backed startups deliver MVPs and global ad agencies architect complete systems. We are flexible for the right project, however, so don't be afraid to reach out if you break the mold.

Past Work

We’ve created apps and solutions for ourselves and our clients. Here are our recent favorites:

Subaru iPad Apps via Designory


We developed a complete app architecture which drastically reduced development time for all new Subaru iOS projects. Our efforts decreased ramp up time for new developers, and significantly improved memory management and reduced crashes across the iOS app line. The framework was subsequently used for all related iPad applications in 2013 and into 2014.



We created an MVP for the relaunch of the updated Appetites cooking video platform. Heavily UI-focused, our solution brought a custom video playback experience and seamless streaming delivery. We implemented in-app purchases and enabled content to download even when the application is not active. Our MVP was subsequently built upon by the internal Appetites team, eventually receiving an exclusive featured spot on the iTunes App Store during WWDC 2014.

AlphaOmega Winery, Fairchild Winery, Hunnicutt Winery

Alpha Omega Winery – Napa Valley

We designed and delivered a visually stunning multi-application suite with a common codebase used by several high profile wineries in Napa Valley, California. Onscreen content is dynamically loaded from a custom web service which includes app images, wine lists, and event details. We built in integration with multiple large eCommerce platforms including Vin65 and eWinery. Our backend service was written using Python Flask.



Prune is our own offering for iOS users. It’s a beautifully designed single-focus habit tracker. At 15k downloads per day, Prune peaked at #8 on the iTunes App Store (US). We regularly receive positive feedback from our 60k+ users on their experience, and channel our lessons and successes into everything we do. The app is built to get out of the way and help people quit their previously unbreakable habits.

Sign Up

Sign Up

Sign Up is our own offering for iPad users. Digital sign up form for gathering leads at trade shows and events. With peaking at over 25,000 downloads per day, Sign Up is one of (if not the) most popular digital sign up form and certainly one of the first to market back in 2012. Easily sign up names, emails and phone numbers from visitors to your trade show booth, kiosk, storefront and office with Sign Up Events.

How to Reach Us

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235 E Broadway, #800, Long Beach, California, 90802.